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Italian women are sexy and spicy, but when you date us When you think of Dating italian girl or Italian culture, what comes to mind first? Food, obviously. But what about the people? Even if you don't know much about some of the most common personality traits shared among Italians, I'm sure we can all agree that Italian women are one of a kind. Men, I'm sure you've experienced dating all different kinds of women, but I guarantee you've never met anyone like an Italian girl unless, of course, you have dated one, in which case you're familiar with the thrill. So if an Italian woman catches your attention and you want to date her, arm yourself with these 5 tips and pieces of dating advice, based on some of their most common personality traits.

Actually, many of the keywords that people enter into the dating italian girl box are not appropriate for me to repeat. Sorry to disappoint you. However, I love reading the comments on these posts, which are often hilarious and occasionally quite insightful. I feel her pain. Pay attention, fellas, because we are doing it all wrong!

Aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins third cousins, babies of those cousins—the whole gang. And you better believe that whole gang is attending every important event. Family parties? Those, for us, are basically all-day affairs with everyone coming in and out, running around, yelling, and of course, eating.
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dating italian girl

dating italian girl

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