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Diana Barron, 27 years old

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Whenever you do eat out he orders the cheapest thing on the menu and then complains about the prices. And when the bill comes he questions everything on the dating a cheapskate before asking you to pay for your share. Whenever you spend your hard earned cash on something nice for yourself he lectures you about wasting money. He keeps track of every nice thing he does for you and everyone else, and always expects something in return. And, woe betide anyone who misses their round. Does he need to get at least two uses out of every single bag and expect you to do the same? And he has no problem making you feel guilty when the bill comes in. But if his idea of romantic gift is chocolates and some scratch cards then run a mile!

There are many signs you're dating dating a cheapskate cheapskate. There's nothing wrong with being frugal and saving money. In today's economy, saving money is an excellent way to grow a nest egg and live within your means. But sometimes, frugality goes too far.

He avoids group dates. He knows which friends always have to order dessert and which ones insist on picking the most expensive wine… and he refuses to dine out aka split the check with any of them. He would rather hang out at home.
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dating a cheapskate

dating a cheapskate

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